When a psychic prediction reveals Tina’s new improved life path, she does what any responsible, bread-winning mother of two would do: she quits her established career, uproots her family, and relocates to Shanghai, China. But life in Shanghai is not all pork buns and water calligraphy as ping pong balls are continuously lobbed into her path toward self-realization.  When her kids start asking for fish heads instead of popcorn and she begs her tutor to teach her how to insult someone in Mandarin, she begins to wonder if this has all been a giant mistake…

Advance praise for Fish Heads and Duck Skin.

From page 1, Lindsey has us laughing, crying, gagging, and requiring large doses of Tums. Think Nora Ephron. Think Erma Bombeck. Think Bizarre Foods with a female Andrew Zimmern. I sure do

Lindsey Salatka

“This is the story of a person a lot like Lindsey, very immature with zero self-awareness, and how she transforms into a person ever-so-slightly less immature with a level of self-awareness that is beginning to register as a faint blip on the most advanced radar equipment available.”

Lindsey's Shrink

“She had me at Ni Hao.” –Lindsey’s husband, Ed

“Fish Heads and Duck Skin is 300 pages of visceral roller coaster. Ride it, I double dragon dare you.” –Anonymous friend she made say that

“Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that Lindsey wrote a book?” –Lindsey’s father-in-law



Lindsey Salatka is an author, blogger and lion tamer (her three daughters have copious amounts of blondish-brown hair and sometimes resemble lions, in both appearance and demeanor). Lindsey lived in Shanghai, China, for four years with her family where she occasionally wrote for Shanghai Family Magazine and Urbanatomy: Shanghai. There, she often felt like she was in a strange dream – part sensory nightmare, part Candid Camera/Punk’d episode – because there was no way this stuff was actually happening.

Lindsey graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Creative Writing, French, and Business. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, three lions, and pet cat, Silver. Silver is the only feline in her home that is properly house-trained.


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