Tidying Up-ish

Me (in the white sweater I will soon earn) and my hedgehog. The Demi Kondo. The Quasi KonMari. The partial Marie. Whatever you call that time when you have started to declutter your life with the KonMari Method as created by #1 New York Times best-selling author and...

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Kate would tell me not to write about sad stuff on this blog. She would remind me that my primary purpose here is to bring levity, because the world needs more of it, and I’m good at spotting it. But lovely Kate passed away this week after a 19-month hard-fought...

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Our Last Cereal Box Book Report

Last night my third daughter and I completed our family's last cereal box book report. *Big sigh* I get a little sappy when my youngest child does something for the last time. The last time she used training wheels, the last car ride in a booster seat, even the last...

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A Visor with My Name on It

I’m a member of a middle-aged flash mob called Ajumma EXP—MmHmm—and it's terrific. I mean, we are making some serious waves, people! Not to brag but we've had over 100K views on Youtube and Facebook . (You should probably follow us; we will not disappoint. Click here,...

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Travel with Kids

Sweet jammies! We’ve traveled with our kids since they were specks. Their first passport pictures are hilarious—Child #1 at four months old, sporting onesie pjs covered in red hearts and one giant, crazy hairdo (Our kids were born and will likely die with giant, crazy...

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