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On the advice of a five-dollar psychic, Tina Martin, a zany, overworked mother of two, quits her high-powered job and moves her family to Shanghai. Tina yearns for this new setting to bring her the zen-like inner peace she’s always heard about on infomercials. Instead, she becomes a totally exasperated fish out of water, doing wacky things like stealing the shoes of a shifty delivery man, spraying local women with a bidet hose, and contemplating the murder of her new pet cricket. 

It takes the friendship of an elderly tai chi instructor, a hot Mandarin tutor, and several mah-jong-tile-slinging expats to bring Tina closer to a culture she doesn’t understand, the dream job she never knew existed, and the self she has always sought. Fish Heads and Duck Skin will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered who they are, why they were put here, and how they ever lived before eating pan-fried pork buns.



 “This book was great. I laughed and cried. I loved this finding one’s self story and cannot wait for more from this author. This is a woman’s story that everyone should read.”

CR’s Reviews

“This book hits every note…Tina’s search for self is one we all recognize in our own internal hunt.”

–Marni Freedman, author of Permission to Roar and 7 Essential Writing Tools

“This poignant, humorous, beautifully written book is not only Tina’s story, it’s every woman’s story.”

–Donna Brown Agins, author and NAACP Nominee for Outstanding Literary Work

“Full of hilarity and heart, this book makes for a great escape. I highly recommend you add it to your cart NOW.”

–Lisa Belcher, award-winning writer and director, voted Female Filmmaker of the Year at the Austin Revolution Film Festival

“A darkly funny diatribe and celebration of self-discovery in a foreign land”

-Reedsy Review

“There was a lot of love going on for me. You will not regret choosing this book.”

–Nancy Johnson, author of Things My Mama Never Told Me

Award Winning Author


Lindsey Salatka is an author, ghost-writer, and editor. Her writing has been featured at BlogHer and in Shanghai Family Magazine, Urbanatomy: Shanghai, and Volumes 3 and 4 of Shaking the Tree: Brazen. Short. Memoir. She is on the advisory board of the San Diego Writers Festival and serves as Director of the KidsWrite! Children’s Writing Contest. You can find Lindsey on Instagram @mywhatlovelygillsyouhave, on Facebook @fishheadsandduckskin, or on Twitter @lindseysalatka